Used Pronto ( Garland ) Steamer

Used Pronto ( Garland ) Steamer


  • $2,20000

  • Garland Model # CA1E 
  • Garland Pronto Plus Electric Pressureless Steam Cooker, perfect for Vegetables(fresh and frozen), pasta, rice, eggs, seafood, meat, poultry and potatoes. Re-heat frozen or refrigerated entrees or convenience foods. Exclusive Steam Cooking Distribution System: Maintenance Free Exclusive Brass Steam Jets produce a high velocity convection steam without fans. 
  • Pressure-less a la carte natural convection steamer
  • Innovative PowerPak Electric Steam Generator with one Special Stainless Steel Fire Bar Heating Element. 
  • Strong 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction. 
  • Large 3.5 gallon generator reservoir for fast steam cooking production. 
  • Fully insulated rear mounted steam generator. 
  • Three 2-1/2" deep 12" x 20" Pan Capacity 
  • Controls include an illuminated Power switch, a Cook Switch with pilot light 
  • 60 minute mechanical timer 
  • Dimensions: 21" (W) x 32-3/8"(D) x 22-1/4"(H) 
  • Voltage : 208 volts, 3 phase, 23.6A

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